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Music City View Coming to Starmaker February 2013

Music City View features articles and interviews with Nashville's business leaders.

Avidea and Starmaker PR Group will again partner up to bring listeners a new "alternative" news source, Music City Views.

Music City Views will be a news program focusing on interviews with technology leaders, music business people, and artists who reside in the Nashville area. The show will be hosted by Drew Bourke, who is also host of the music-based audio series, Music City Social.

"I've lived in Nashville since 1997, and the changes to this city have been nothing short of amazing. Nashville has grown into a diverse town filled with wonderful people and expanding culture. Music City Views will be a catalyst showcasing the people who help make Nashville a great place to visit, work and live", according to Mr. Bourke. "We listen to alternative music, why not have a news channel that delivers news the same way?"

Music City Views will feature two episodes per month, and a also additional segments featuring Nashville's homeless issues. The show will be published here at StarmakerPR.com, Avidea.net, and also at www.MusicCityView.com. Expect the first episode no later than February 20, 2013.